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Weightloss - New Year, New Thinking

Change your perspective towards weight loss

For once just ask and answer yourself.

How many years have you been following or trying to follow a diet? What is the point of doing the same thing when you are not satisfied with the results? Isn’t it high time you start thinking big?

You should change your perspective towards weight loss. A lot of us think that weight gain results from eating more or working out less, being lazy and that’s the main reason why we tend to eat very less or end up doing all sorts of strenuous workout.

According to the old me, weight loss was all about reducing the numbers. But it’s not about how many kilos you lost in 7 days or how many centimetres you lost. What you have to find out is the reason behind your obesity.

And most of us think the villain is food! And instead of eating the god gifted food you munch on packeted and processed items and weigh loss shakes, do surgeries to reduce the size of your stomach, Do excruciating exercises and start eating medicines to not feel any hunger. Is hunger the villain?

All the above mentioned methods might help you reduce numbers. And when you start to eat right, you will regain all that weight within a few days. But without right food at the right time you won’t be able to lose weight in a healthy way.

Obesity is a disease or it is a byproduct of many sorts of lifestyle diseases . Obesity is considered a disease by world health organisation. Obesity is caused by improper functioning of many hormones in our body, as well as deficiencies in blood components, namely vitamins and minerals. I have described this in detail in my book Escaso Code.

That is why it has become extremely difficult for those who know everything about diet.

Reducing obesity is very, very easy. That is why it has become extremely difficult for those who know everything about diet. They forget that very small changes can cause very big change in the body. We believe that if we do not do something seriously and religiously, we will not get any result. And that is the reason why we come up with different diets everyday and try hard to do all kinds of exercises.

We need to pay attention to how we can correct our lifestyle and hormonal functions also keeping in check for vitamins and minerals. If all these are correct, you will lose weight without any hassle. That is, weight loss is just another thing that happens in the process of making your body healthy. And hence without understanding the body and it’s diseases ,do not punish your body and mind by reducing the amount of food or by frantically running around !

Stop doing resolutions year after year ... this time, let us be informed and resolve to make ourselves healthy with proper guidance. Click here for know more about ESCASO® programs

Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren


Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

Clinical Nutritionist

Health & Wellness Coach


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