Get to Know Us

Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren

Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren

Managing Director

Founder of ESCASO GDDiET 
Orthopedic Physiotherapist
Clinical Nutritionist
Registered with Health Professionals Council UK
Health & Wellness Coach
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice


Johnsy Ros


Administration and client relations. She is an engineer by qualification and has a passion for coaching. From there, she earned her dietetics certification.


Sruthi Pillai

Director @ Kochi

A chartered accountant by qualification, and a holistic health counsellor / coach by profession, Sruthi hails from Bahrain. She possesses 4+ years of experience in business risk consulting and has worked extensively across multiple industries and sectors in the Middle East and North Africa region. 


Dr. Gitanjali S Kumar

Dermatologist, Kochi

Dr. Gitanjali  is a Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist with 4 years of experience working with ESCASO® . She helps members with everything from allergies, skin diseases and hair problems.  She is an expert in cosmetology treatments and hair regrowth treatments. She is also in ESCASO® CoolSculpting team.


Dr. Joseph Thomas

Anaesthesiologist & Pain Physician

Dr Joseph Thomas is a consultant Anaesthesiologist and pain physician with 13 yrs of working experience. He is in the ESCASO® CoolSculpting team. He helps members to get relief from pain in their post-procedure days 


Krishnendu Menon

MSc. Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Health Coach /  Nutritionist

Krishnendu is the senior health and diet coach in ESCASO. She has over six years of health coaching experience, both in person and virtually. She holds a Health Coaching Certification from the National Board of Health & Wellness Coach and holds a Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from Symbiosis International University.


Aparna T K

ESCASO Diet Coach

MSc. Food Science & Nutrition

Aparna is a Dietitian and Nutritionist with six years of experience working with ESCASO® in the health and wellness field. She helps members with everything from digestive problems and autoimmune diseases to concerns about cardiometabolic health and fertility. RVS College in Coimbatore gave her a Master of Science in Food and Nutrition.



ESCASO Diet Coach

MSc. Food Science & Nutrition

Subishna is a diet coach who has helped people get better from a wide range of long-term conditions, such as obesity, digestive problems, stress-related burnout, trouble sleeping, and anxiety/depression. She is driven by her mission to help others find relief for a better quality of life. She has a master's degree in food science and nutrition from Nehru College and was specially trained in the ESCASO® GDDiET® programme.


Sanjuna Saleem

ESCASO Diet Coach

MSc. Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Sanjuna is a nutritionist  with 2 years of experience. She is comfortable supporting a wide range of health issues such as obesity, digestive issues and fertility She holds a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics. Specially trained in ESCASO GDDiET