Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESCASO®

ESCASO® is India's first Obesity Management / Physiotherapy & Wellness Center, delivering non-surgical therapies coupled with GDDiET® to avoid lifestyle disorders and achieve weight loss. ESCASO® is not a regular beauty treatment or fitness program given by most salons, gyms, and SPAs. ESCASO® offers well-researched and documented Overweight and Obesity management therapies, nutritional regimens, with experienced practitioners. 

Who can do it?

If you want to prevent lifestyle diseases like overweight or obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, PCOD, infertility issues, lose Weight and Feel Great, you can do it. We don‘t use any medicines, food supplements, juices, powders, injections, surgeries or stressful and strenuous exercise. So even if you are suffering from knee pain, back pain or lack time to exercise, you can join us. 

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I have Diabetes / Hypertension / Thyroid problems and PCOD, Can I lose weight?

Our treatments primarily focus on your health not just your overall weight. Changes in lifestyle and changes in blood parameters are the cause of these lifestyle diseases. So first we have to correct the lifestyle, it will help you to normalise your blood parameters . If you are undergoing medical treatment for the above diseases, our program will help you to get the maximum results from your treatments, and you can reduce the dosage of your medicines ( With the supervision of your doctor) . In our program you will observe positive changes in the blood sugar levels, HbA1C and other lifestyle diseases. Weight loss is the result of a healthy life. Additionally we will check all your parameters prior to our program to ensure excellent results.

I have knee pain / back pain / disability / Can’t walk or Run, Can I do the program?

We often get this question. Our society still thinks that one must “eat less and workout more” for losing weight. This is a myth. Escaso program is designed for all, anyone suffering from any disability, any disease or any type of joint pain can do this. Because ESCASO® GDDiET® mainly focuses on your healthy eating pattern. We have successfully treated many such cases and brought out great impact on their health and weight.  Make sure to get it done with experts to guide you through it 


When Can I start Escaso® program after delivery ? I’m a breastfeeding Mother. Can I do this program

Weight gain after child birth is a normal phenomena. But if you are not following a healthy eating plan after childbirth, then the weight gain becomes abnormal and you will gain excessive weight and it is difficult to shed off that fat after a long time. Escaso® GDDiET® has specially designed plans for new mothers, and this healthy eating plan prevent you from getting excess fat. You can start the eating plan as soon as your delivery. If you had a normal delivery ,you can start the Escaso® in-house program after one month( 30days), and if you had a C-section, you can start our in-house program after 45 days

You can follow our GDDiET® during breastfeeding.  Because we encourage to eat all the real foods. It will promote your and your baby’s health. It also helps to produce more milk.  We are not advising any medicines, food supplements or juices or any other packet foods for weight-loss. Hence, it is very safe for lactating mothers.

Is there a particular age for this treatment?

ESCASO® program and GDDiET® is for EVERYONE. Nowadays Obesity & Lifestyle diseases are more common in adults and children. Our client age group range from 7 yrs to 81 years and all shows excellent results. 

What Next?

Our first step is a detailed consultation with our experts, during which a thorough Body Composition Analysis will be done to find out your total fat percentage, excess fat weight, visceral fat levels, body water level, muscle weight, segmental fat distribution, and metabolic age!

Prior appointments are needed for consultations, so please make yours ahead of time to avoid any wait. Depending on what you want and how your body is doing, we will put together a package that meets your needs and fits your budget.

How can I start working with you?

Call +918089009009

Book your time slot for initial consultation

Know your body

Discuss your concerns with our experts

We design a suitable package for you depends on your body composition

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

You don't have to, but if you can, bring your spouse or parents with you. So they can figure out why you've gained weight and why you have lifestyle diseases. This will help your family change the way they live.

If you have any, bring the most recent blood tests and medical reports. Talk to our experts about all of your illnesses and worries.

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

We offer one-to-one  consultation and personalised for weight loss and lifestyle diseases after detailed personal consultation.

We have Masterclass - group class - only after you enrolled in the program.