A method backed by science and tested in the real world.

Smart Wellness Pvt Ltd

Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren

Directors Message

"I am glad to say that the last several years have been satisfying and enriching; more so for the simple fact that we could provide enduring and meaningful changes in the lives of scores of our patrons. I'm honored to be your guide and consultant, and would be committed to providing you with the best care you expect. Our goals would be mutual as both of us would work hard with 
utmost seriousness and genuineness to achieve desirable and realistic results. As much as myself, I hope you'll take the responsibility for working towards a balanced lifestyle that is so important for your well-being” 
Sincerely yours
Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren
PG Dip. Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
Managing Director & Physiotherapist
Smart Wellness Pvt Ltd

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Smart Wellness Pvt Ltd is a comprehensive wellness centre that encourages healthy living by integrating functional medicine skills, real science-based food programmes, physiotherapeutic treatments, one-of-a-kind SPA offers, and its very own Safety obesity management system.


Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren, Physiotherapist, founded and developed it, with an emphasis on advanced functional medicine, coaching, and physiotherapy solutions for a wide range of health issues. ESCASO began treating obesity in 2008 as a complementary remedy to musculoskeletal disorders, but quickly developed to a big facility with advanced technology and treatment processes.





Started Physiotherapy Clinic  at Holy Family Hospital , Ollur, Thrissur


Started Physiotherapy Clinic  at Holy Family Hospital , Ollur, Thrissur


Started OBESITY MANAGEMENT as complimentary solution to physio problems; a new entity Smart Escaso Club begins operations​


Expanded to large premise with modern equipment and treatment procedures


Started an ultra modern centre at KOCHI; incorporates more obesity solutions and lifestyle modification programs


Forms SMART WELLNESS PVT LTD to bring all units under one holding company


Forms SMART WELLNESS PVT LTD to bring all units under one holding company


ESCASO introduced Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, Developed by Harvard Medical Scientists. THIRD Centre in INDIA. Its a patented technology and FDA approved, which is the best non surgical fat removal program. In Kerala Escaso is the only approved centre by Coolsculpting by Zeltiq


ESCASO Centre at Kozhikode, inaugurated by Kavya Madhavan


After the huge success of Coolsculpting ESCASO invested on Second CoolSculpting machine


Started ESCASO Online Programs for remote clients. Clients from all over the world availing our services


ESCASO Centre at Palakkad


Introduced Hydrafacial Tower System


Renovated new large centre at Kochi


Signed MOU with PK Das Medical Institute & Hospitals for starting ESCASO Unit in their hospital


Started ESCASO Centre in KEYHOLE Clinic, Kochi, in association with Dr.R. Padmakumar, the leading Surgeon


Launched gdnutrion healthy foods & Vitamin Supplements


A method backed by science and tested in the real world

Holding Hands
Doctor and Patient
Group Discussion

We get to know you (really).

We take the time to learn about your genes, family history, way of life, and goals. When you add in tests that most doctors don't do, you get a lot of information about your health and body.

We focus on solving the problem from the root

We target the causes of disease by using the best tools and methods of traditional medicine along with lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements.

We stick with you.

You get regular support  and follow up through out  program with your health & diet coach, including masterclass. This is a team effort


Are You Ready For Transformation?


We focus on significant,lasting outcomes. ESCASO® Weightloss & Lifestyle Modification Program uses a wholesome lifestyle approach, meaning the focus isn’t just on the food eaten. This Program is based on GDDiET® developed by Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren, is an Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, Clinical Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach by profession. He is the Author of ESCASO® CODE. Though food choices are key. 


ESCASO® GDDiET® focuses more on the Time of Eating, Combinations of Food, preparing theclient to understand the Quantity, and Psychological Aspects behind those choices and slowly changing old habits.  In this program, the client has the freedom to have all real normal traditional food, including rice! For ESCASO® Diet means Eating real Food.  There is No Calorie Count or Gram Measurements. So it helps the client, you,  to have food without any stress. ESCASO®’s focus goes way beyond calories and food. 

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A method backed by science and tested in the real world.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We recognize that the lifestyle diseases you have are unique, your body is unique - and these diseases may be the reason for your overweight and vice versa. So reducing the numbers are just not enough. ESCASO® team recommends some important blood tests before starting the program and based on this and your body composition analysis ESCASO® designs a suitable package "just for YOU". There is no readymade package or magic pill for weight loss. Real behaviour change led with the knowledge of right food based on real science is the key.



Helps You To Preventweight gain Lifestyle Diseases &Joint Pains.

Applying Wellness to All Aspects of Life

Using Real food helps to reverse PRE-DIABETES*and Prevent DIABETES*

Simple Self-Care Habits

Healthy Weightloss Using Real Foods Helps to Prevent 

Live Your Healthy Life

10% Weightloss Help You to Reverse 

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Mission Obesity Management by ESCASO

Grinto Davy has been advocating `eating right and acting right as the safest mode to fight Obesity and Lifestyle diseases. ESCASO® has been at the forefront of providing lifestyle modification based on functional medicine principles to fight obesity and related diseases. In Kerala where many have misconceptions regarding the link between the intake of food and obesity, Grinto Davy stands as the sole exception recommending a healthy food intake to reduce fat accumulation, naturally.


Patients go through a meticulous set of programmes depending on their life history, body composition and blood reports. Besides weight loss to an ideal fat percentage level, we focus on visceral fat, phase angle, and inflammation. They also gain new confidence from weight loss besides greater energy and liveliness. 


“In the initial phase, we help you cope with anxieties about your body and set right health-related concerns. We then start primary objectives such as corrections in food intake and eating ways, activities according to individual capacity and the general awareness that one needs to have about health. This goes a long way in decisively shaping up the way you live for the rest of your life,” summarises Grinto Davy regarding her treatment.


Obesity has been identified as the single biggest health scare in both the developed and developing world. “However, the biggest misconception is that it’s a cosmetic consideration; one understands it is a risky problem directly harmful to one's health,” he says.