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ESCASO® Masterclass

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6 Modules | 45 Sessions | 8-hour 39 in Video Class. Real Scientific Explanations | Be a Master in your health. ESCASO®® GDDiET®® Masterclass- is an online health & lifestyle learning platform developed by Grinto Davy, Founder of ESCASO® , Author of ESCASO CODE, Orthopaedic physiotherapist, Clinical nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach that helps people to live healthier by guiding them to improve their diet, psychology of eating, sleep, mental health, exercise habits and stress management. This unique Masterclass combines the power of daily micro-learning with a community for learning, support and sharing. This Masterclass covers the following topics & more... Blood Test Requisition form Complete ESCASO® GDDiET® Plan About Your Gut- Brain Connection Diet Planner Complete Weight loss Tips - The Real Science The Real Reason behind Your Cravings & How to Overcome Truth about Oils Truth About Sugar Psychology of Eating How to Correct your quantity of eating About your metabolism Women forty-five plus, problems, weight gain, weight loss Sleep - Tips for quality sleep Depression Ideas for Cooking

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