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“As a professional actor with hardly fewer controls over my schedules, I had been a victim of obesity; mostly resulting from irregular eating patterns and low level of activity. I got plenty of advice from everyone but nothing helped as my energy levels dipped. Then I met Dr Grinto Davy for weight management guidance and enrolled at Kochi’s ESCASO centre. He has instilled confidence in me by correcting my lifestyle which was the root cause of all my problems. Today, thanks to ESCASO, I have gained much more flexibility physically and of course the confidence to eat without any guilt. I would say I am in the best phase of my life.”

Kavya Madhavan

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“Regained my confidence and my toned body... I have always been very particular about my health and fitness but due to the hectic schedule, I used to lose control of my weight and therefore my well toned body. Then I met Dr Grinto who guided me with rather easy to follow methods regarding food, activity and wellness. Today, I am in perfect shape due to them.“


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Thank You ESCASO... “Drastic changes in my appearance, my energy levels and general health have been a matter of much speculation; to all those, my answer is ESCASO. I have been benefitted immensely by ESCASO programmes and I would gladly endorse it for anyone who wants to have a methodical and steady change in life. Thank you ESCASO for bringing in such a meaningful change in my life.”s

Rimi Tomi

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I have struggled with my weight for last 15 years. I am so unhappy with myself and can't seem to breakthrough to healthy weight. Escaso changed my life. Initially i am afraid of having food. Escaso corrected my eating habits and total lifestyle. It is a miracle. I lost 18kg in first 7 months. Now i feel very energetic and healthy.

Jolly Kachapilly,Thrissur

It was through Grihalakshmi magazine that I came to know about ESCASO and soon, I enrolled for the programme with much expectation. I opted for the four moth plan and soon, within a month, I started feeling lighter and most importantly, got my sugar level under control. The next big gain was a proper shape to my body followed up by a confidence to face the world. I am grateful to ESCASO as I now realise that our daily normal food is the most appropriate for us, especially Malayalees.

Asha Ganesan,Thrissur

First of all a big thank you; I don’t know to what extend you can understand my happiness and gratitude from these words. I have changed, thanks to you. I used to look like an old person even though I have hardly crossed 30; everyone used to treat me like an elderly and it was indeed very agonizing for me. Worse, I had tough time finding an appropriate dress, especially something in denim. The important point as Dr Grinto says is that I have decided to change and that’s showing up. This is my sixth month with ESCASO and everyone says I have changed in every sense. I wonder how my husband would react to see a totally NEW me!

Joby Rose Philip, Thrissur

Disclaimer: Escaso Offers a well researched and documented Physiotherapy, Overweight and Obesity management programs carried out under the supervision of expert medical doctors, physiotherapists, clinical nutritionists and trained practitioners.This is not a regular beauty therapy, or fitness regime, as offered by most beauty parlour, gyms,and SPAs. Do not copy or apply any of the derived information on self or anyone else as it may lead to injuries or physical damage.