Jun 27-2017

Is Coconut oil Healthy

Is Coconut Oil Healthy


Coconut oil is healthy but only as part of an overall healthy eating pattern. In Kerala we are mainly using Coconut oil for cooking for decades. It has so many health benefits. It raises the good cholesterol, HDL. It improves the quality and size and type of cholesterol. It lowers the total cholesterol to HDL ratio - studies shows that it is the fat better predictor for heart disease. And societies have 60% plus of their diet as coconut oil have no heart disease. 


It also contain a unique type of saturated fat called MCT oil that boosts metabolism, reverses insulin resistance and improve cognitive function. All studies shows that saturated fat make your cholesterol molecules stable and less like to oxidize or go rancid. It is oxidized cholesterol causes heart attacks. So the vegetable oils (soy, corn, safflower, sunflower, canola) - PUFA - poly unsaturated fatty acids - are unstable and easily oxidized so when they are incorporated into cholesterol they make it unstable and become a problem maker, which is bad for our heart


Coconut oil is also anti-fungal and antimicrobial. And it contains Laurie acid that is great for immune function. The only other good source is breast milk.

By the way breast milk is 24%  saturated fat - fat higher than the diet guidelines recommends. 


You can go through the following link for  more papers on saturated fats and coconut oil



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