Apr 20-2017

Losing weight is not always Great

Losing weight is not always great !

Are you losing muscle mass (weight) during a weight loss / Obesity management program? 

Please do check whether you are losing muscle tissue or fat. Always ask your weight loss provider to take a detailed Body Composition Analysis. This will provide you the following : 

  • Total weight
  • Fat percentage 
  • Visceral fat ( fat inside the abdominal cavity - higher levels are the cause of diseases like #diabetes #heartdiseases #hyperTension #fattyliver #infertility etc etc) 
  • Fat free mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Bone mass
  • Body water
  • Intracellular and extra cellular ( determine whether you have water retention/ swelling / Edema on your body)
  • Segmental body fat and muscle 
  • Metabolic age


Whenever you lose weight, repeat the test and find out whether you are losing fat or muscle, increasing your water levels, decreasing water retention, and most importantly lowering your #VisceralFat.


When you are skipping meals , or avoiding certain healthy foods for losing weight , there is chances of losing muscle tissue. Overdoing workouts or stressful workouts without proper nutrition also affect your muscle tissue. It will help You to lose some of your  total weight , will reduce BMI , but it's not healthy and it will leads to disorders of body. You become more tired, your metabolic age goes up, joint pain increase, stress related problem arises , again overweight 

So when ever you trying to lose weight, never skip meals. Food as medicine. Better to say - "don't try to lose weight ... but try to recalibrate your health" If your body functions properly it will lose extra weight from extra fat tissue. 

"Automatic weightloss "

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Wishing You Health & Happiness

Grinto davy Chirakekkaren
Physiotherapist & Clinical Nutritionist
Managing Director
Smart Wellness Pvt Ltd



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