Apr 30-2017

CoolScupting Arms

CoolSculpting is an amazing procedure to reduce "Fabby Arms". CoolSculpting is the World's #1 Non-Invasive technology for fat reduction. Our results have been truly stunning when using CoolSculpting on the upper arms.The best results are always found areas where fat being treated is more soft pinchable and fluffy. Ideal candidate for CoolSculpting for Arms, where the flab is caused mostly by excessive fat. The removal of fat is permanent. 
If the Flab is caused partly by fat and partly by skin, combaining Coolsculpting with RadioFrequency is the best option. RF will tightens the skin. If the flab is mostly due to skin , then Coolsculpting is not a good option. 
Consult with the experts in Escaso for more details about CoolSculpting your Arms.

ESCASO is the one and only certified centre in Kerala, providing CoolSculpting. We introduced it at Thrissur , in 2014.
Now we proudly introduces CoolSculpting technology in KOCHI.
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Real Coolsculpting results : Done by Escaso Team at  Thrissur Centre
Results 16 weeks after Single CoolSculpting session. Applicator used : CoolFit


  • Completely personalised & customised to patient’s time & professional constraints
  • No pills, no supplements, no heavy exercise & no diet restrictions
  • Well structured packages ensure better results and target accomplishment
  • Clientele among the most well-known film & public personalities
  • Uses most advanced & acknowledged machines that give great results
  • Every centre operates according to an SOP, developed after years of R & D and expert supervision

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